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Cabaret club in Ostrava Hulváky Euphoria is one of the largest and undoubtedly the most luxurious nightlife entertainment venues in North Moravia, not only for men. In our company you will find truly remarkable and fun show that will captivate a wide area and can not find it. Prices for relaxing moments and erotic strip show topless and operator in our club are fully adequate quality and believe that you compare us with cheap privates and night clubs in Ostrava, really does not make sense.

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You need not hesitate, we are discreet strip club where we will fulfill all your desires and wishes. Our goal is that you are having a good time with us and happy to come back again. Our club is really a different category in the quality of services. In our experience a wonderful strip club atmosphere, maximum fun, and of course access to guests. And what is the most important for anyone: No pressure! Nobody here will coerces! How much and what you want to spend is entirely up to you. We will let you sit back, enjoy a drink and enjoy the atmosphere of the club. Club has a dance floor with laser apparatus, disco lighting, latest songs and richly equipped bar with sexy service that you mixes the best drinks in which you think. We will certainly not be bored. A daily 10 to 25 dancers. For more demanding clients, we have prepared a private show our dancers in the discreet privacy of our rooms. For couples coming to the club we have prepared not only good fun, but also the opportunity lover asylum. You can also use our VIP relaxation area with whirlpool jacuzzi, sauna in a beautiful apartment. Possibility of a closed society with refreshments at will, or ensuring the stylish buffet restaurant Adagio. Special dinner club is of the female body. Possibility accompaniment to society.


To our club Cabaret Euphoria can also use discrete or free shipping for maximum discretion we have parking in our gated complex with rear entrance.

Five taxi lies and unfair practices.

First The taxi driver pretends to call our club and you try to help some of the following lies convince you to visit another, according to him, the best club.

Second One of the most common excuses. Club is closed or reconstructing.

Third Club is too expensive. Compare prices with the competition. You will see that our prices are among the lowest in Ostrava.

4th The club are no girls - every evening between 20.00 to 20.15 update service www. sites where the girls present green dot lights up.

5th The club works only ugly girls - See yourself on our web presentation gallery (strippers). All photos are original. Unlike competing club Do not pull photos from the internet.

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Cabaret club Euphoria
Blodkova 16, 709 00 Ostrava - Hulváky

+420 775 011 994

Open daily from 20 to 06 hour

+420 775 011 994

Skype: lukino2783

Club TAXI 606045040 100,- czk (v rámci okresu Ostrava)

Info for foreigners +420 608 63 1111

Doprava do clubu


Často se stává, že řidiči taxislužeb mají hned několik výmluv (nedostavájí v našem klubu tučnou provizi), proč Vás nemohou do Cabaret Euphoria odvézt a raději Vás přesvědčují o návštěvě jiného podniku. Místo okamžité zábavy nakonec prosedíte dlouhou dobu v taxiku a ve výsledku v jíném klubu zaplatíte více peněž za málo muziky a ještě méně zábavy. Pro odvoz do Cabaretu Euphoria můžete, také využít diskrétní neoznačenou dodavku 8+1, která Vás doveze přímo ke vchodu.  +420 606 045 040 , english +420 775 011 994